List of products by brand Stocco

  • Friulano DOC Friuli Grave


    Made using the friut of one the Friuli region's best known varieties, straw yellow in colour with subtle lemon green hints.

    Has a well defined aroma with dry, ample flavour and almond aftertaste.

    Ideal as an aperitif, served with Parma ham and light first courses.

  • Malbech


    Ruby red in colour with elements of blackberry and hints of woodland foliage.


    Served at room temperature, this is excellent with meat based dishes, salami and unripened cheeses.


  • Malvasia


    A straw yellow coloured wine with greenish tinges.
    It has a dry note, with lively hints of exotic fruits and spice, and is reminiscent of apricot and peach.

    Fresh and lively on the palate, it is ideal served as an aperitif but is also sublime with soups, in lagoon broths and with rich platters of grilled fish.

    It is magnificently matched to crustaceans.

  • Pinot Nero


    It is an international grape variety difficult to grow which in friuli has found a region where to perform outstandingly.

    It is ruby red in colour and,on the nose, it shows a sensation of raspberry, berries, and in some vintages, violet.

    On the palate, it tastes fresh, dry with a softly bitter finish.

    It matches well with short maturing cheese, delicate meat, stewed fish, such as eel.

  • Prosecco Friuli Doc Extra Dry


    A sparkling wine with straw-yellow colour, elegant and lively perlage (beading), well-balanced aroma, as well as generous floral and fruity notes. Its taste is soft, full and balanced, with marked fruit-rich notes.

    Ideal as an aperitif and on merry convivial occasions.

    It goes perfectly with light food, delicate meats and fish-based dishes.

  • Prosecco Rosè Friulano


    Organoleptic notes

    Elegant pink color, with a fine and lively perlage, it boasts a well-balanced aroma with plenty hints of red fruits and flowers. On the palate it is full, savory and balanced.


    Perfect with every meal and as an aperitif. It is excellent with light foods, appetizers and fish courses. It is also recommended with a tasty pizza.
  • Refosco dal peduncolo rosso


    Its Italian name refers to the colour of the stalk at the base of the grape bunch.

    Violet red in colour, with a nose of wild blackberry and woodland foliage.

    Dry, smooth and full-bodied in taste, with a slight bitterish element.
    Serve at room temperature as an ideal accompaniment to roasts and red meat.

  • Ribolla Gialla


    It is one of white friuli grape varieties with late season ripening, around the end of September.

    The wine is straw yellow in colour with fruity and floral notes which recall acacia blossoms and wild flowers.

    On the palate, it is tasty, and finishes softly dry.