Bianco di Custoza

Bianco di Custoza

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Custoza DOC: obtained by the best grapes; it has pale yellow colour, light intensity and delicate taste, it is fresh and slightly bitterish

Vine: Tuscan Trebbiano, Garganega, Friulano, Fernanda Cortese, Malvasia, Riesling Italico

Production area: the vines are located in the south-west part on the Garda Lake; the hilly and morainic terrains are calcareous, gravelly and sandy.

Implants: the Pergoletta Veronese system and density for Garganega is 3.500 vines per acre, while for Guyot is 4.500 vines per acre

Harvest: when fully ripen, the grapes are accurately selected and harvested by hand. Garganega harvest starts in August and ends in October.

Vinification: once in the winery, grapes are pressed, macerated at low temperatures and then pressed through a fair pressing.The must ferments at controlled temperature of 16-18° C in order to maintain the fragrance of the fruits.

Custoza and Cooking: perfect for light courses, such as raw seafood and shellfish, it is the best option for appetizers. To be served at 10-12° C.

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